Complete a traineeship with us

At QBTEC we offer internships to MBO and HBO students. The activities at QBTEC vary widely, which means that we can offer students from different fields of study the opportunity to gain experience with us. Consider, for example, technology, marketing, administration, economics or public administration. And do you enjoy your internship? Perhaps you can really start a career at QBTEC!

MBO studies (post-secondary vocational education)

Do you want to take your first steps and gain experience at Europe’s largest manufacturer of professional cooking and frying equipment? QBTEC offers internships to both BOL and BBL students. At QBTEC there is room for short internships of 1 month, but longer internships (for example, 5 months) are also possible.

BBL bij QBTEC woerden

Higher Vocational Education studies

Are you in the last phase of your bachelor or master? And are you looking for a challenging research internship or graduate studies? We give students from various disciplines the opportunity to gain practical experience at QBTEC.

Practical education

At QBTEC we like to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Students are the future for the profession and our company! That is why we work together with Hogeschool Rotterdam, Avans Hogeschool, ROC Midden Nederland, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Hogeschool Utrecht and we invest a lot in internships.

Training company

QBTEC is a Kenteq recognized training company. This means that we meet all the conditions to offer students a fully-fledged internship. We are proud of this recognition and we hope to be able to guide many students in the coming years. We are also a member of local initiatives, such as the WTT (Stichting Woerdens Techniek Talent).

And this is just a selection of the possibilities that are available within QBTEC...