Our (product)innovations have led the way in Europe for more than half a century. A reputation we are very proud of! In our R&D knowledge center, a team of experienced Technical Engineers is engaged in innovating and developing our products on a daily basis. We follow trends in hygiene, environment and safety legislation very closely to ensure that we can offer the entrepreneur a professional workplace that meets all requirements. Seamless for cleaning convenience, energy-efficient and rock-solid. Reliable equipment that we continue to fine-tune. We like to take a critical look at our product, because we know you do too.

Ongeevenaarde kwaliteit

Unmatched quality

You know your customers better than anyone else and it is your experiences and wishes that we incorporate into our products. We always strive for optimal user-friendliness, combined with a stylish design. In short, a fryer installation that is indispensable in your business.

The frying installations manufactured by QBTEC have the highest certified efficiency in the world and are therefore the most economical. We often hear from our customers that they are impressed by the enormous savings on fat and energy consumption.

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QBTEC expands the machine park with three new press brakes

Over the past three years, we have invested a lot in new machines in the sheet metal shop. For example, we purchased the robot, 3- and 1.25-meter press brakes from SafanDarley. Since then, we have been using the AutoPOL software program as well. This program reads the 3D drawings from our drawing office and generates fully automatic programs based on these drawings. As a result, we no longer have to program on the press brakes themselves, which saves a great deal of time.

The new press brakes are equipped with angle measuring systems, laser line projection, hydraulic tool clamping, plate tracking system and a fully automatic double printing table.

Dries Okkerman: “With this investment, the sheet metal workshop has an ultramodern machinery that we can be very proud of!”

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Robotic welder

When you visit our company and get a tour of our production process, the welding robots always stand out. Self-moving arms that perform fixed activities in a process-based and very precise manner. We have a total of 4 robotic arms, which weld various standardized products into semi-finished products. Our welding robots weld over 8,000 boiler bases on an annual basis. Do they replace our men? Certainly not! Welding is a craft, we need the human touch to make a semi-finished product into a perfect whole.

Eco Care logo

Eco Care

We are all confronted with it on a daily basis: climate change, energy and the environment. Everyone knows Al Gore’s controversial documentary; An Inconvenient Truth, about global warming and the role we play as humans. From a business point of view, the time has arrived for corporate social responsibility. The number of catering companies that have discovered social responsibility is growing by the day. The government is going to purchase sustainably and the fast-service entrepreneur also seems ready for it. Some CSR measures immediately yield a profit! Kiremko offers the world’s most environmentally conscious frying installations and provides them with the Eco Care label.

All the benefits of the Eco Care label:

  • Guaranteed lowest energy consumption. This is good for the environment and your wallet.
  • The lowest CO2 emissions in the world.
  • The exhaust fumes from the HR oven are clean.
  • European regulations state that CO (carbon monoxide) emissions may not exceed 100ppm. Our ovens have a CO emission of less than 2ppm.
  • Renewed extraction motor that uses 30% less energy.