A dedicated team of employees works with care and expertise on every frying installation or cooking furniture that leaves our factory, resulting in top quality. Our (product) innovations have led the way in Europe for more than half a century. A reputation that we are extremely proud of.

We have the ambition to continue to innovate. Every day, our enthusiastic employees are committed to making our frying ovens and catering kitchens even better and more beautiful. By delivering tailor-made solutions, we are always able to meet your needs!

Get to know the world's best brands for frying and cooking solutions


Frying ranges and deep-frying systems
Thanks to its stylish design, a Kiremko fryer is a real eye-catcher in your restaurant. Our installations are very user-friendly and easy to keep clean.


High-quality kitchens
Qook! is the brand for custom-made catering kitchens of unparalleled quality. In the kitchens of Qook, convenience, modern design and reliability are tastefully united in a seamless stove.


Frying ranges and deep-frying systems
Want to buy a professional frying wall or deep fryer? Perfecta is the perfect choice. You can count on top quality, in combination with the possibility to assemble the frying wall completely according to your wishes.


Fish fry ovens
With a Smitto fish baking oven you’re golden! From enormously extensive to super compact and from standard to custom-made products, at Smitto you will find a suitable frying solution for every frying question! When can we start working for you?


Cast-iron griddle
Recommended for every professional chef. You can prepare dishes without - or with very little - fat on the Adieu griddle. Dishes do not stick, do not burn and there is no transfer of flavour.


Deep-frying without oil or fat
The HiFri ovens work with hot air and steam. Not a drop of oil is involved. Yet the snacks you prepare with the HiFri are just as crispy and delicious as traditionally prepared snacks.

Tailor-made frying and cooking solutions

Many have copied us, but never equaled. QBTEC goes beyond the production and development of products. Our smart frying and cooking solutions take all your worries away. In addition, our dedicated service team is available 24/7 to carry out maintenance and to detect any malfunctions quickly and professionally.

The power of QBTEC

Our company consists of a valuable group of employees. The oldest employee has now passed the age of 70 and has been with us for more than 49.5 years! Every day we work with dedication and expertise on every installation that leaves our factory. Our excellent quality has brought us to where we are today. And we think this is something to be proud of.

QBTEC fabriek in woerden kantine

We're here for you

Our experienced service technicians are quickly on site when something unexpected arises. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get you back up and running as soon as possible. In addition, we provide various forms of maintenance to ensure that your equipment continues to perform optimally. It has been proven that the life of your equipment is significantly extended by proper maintenance. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Careers at QBTEC

Because we continue to expand, new vacancies are posted regularly. The positions vary from welder to account manager. Are you our new entrepreneurial, quality-oriented and stress-resistant asset? Then apply quickly!

We are happy to think along with you to jointly come up with smart frying and cooking solutions.

Welcome to the family

QBTEC is a family business with years of experience in the trade and we are proud of that. Our strength lies, among other things, in the transparency and short communication lines within the organization. At QBTEC you are not a number, not as an employee and not as a customer. We consider you as a member of the family. Perhaps not relatives, but we think it is important to know how everyone is doing.

The strong degree of involvement ensures that we learn from each other, but also dare to correct. This enables us to move mountains, resulting in a qualitative end product. Exactly as you are used to from us and exactly as you would expect from us.

Geschiedenis van QBTEC fabriek in Woerden