The history of QBTEC

When the demand for fryer installations increased in 1944, Quirinus Bakker immediately saw his chance. He went to work with his brother Jan and in 1953 the first deep fryer was produced. Since then, we have continuously developed and QBTEC has grown into Europe’s biggest producer of professional cooking and frying installations.

A journey through our history

perfecta naamplaatjes

How it all started


The origin of the production of all deep-frying systems in the Netherlands can be attributed to Quirinus Bakker. He was originally a coachbuilder who took over a similar company in Kamerik around 1944. A representative told him there was an increasing demand for frying installations. Together with his brother Jan, who also worked for the company, Quirinus Bakker started working on the representative’s demand for frying installations. In 1953, the first deep-fry oven was produced. It was such a success that Quirinus Bakker stopped working as a coachbuilder, so that he could fully focus on producing deep frying ovens. The deep-frying systems were given the name Perfecta. In 1958 the production was so big, a sales organization had to be involved to streamline the distribution. Under the name Kiréma, of which Mr. J. Kwakkenbos was the director, the Perfecta deep-frying ovens were mainly sold in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Formation of Kiremko


Around 1958, people in the Netherlands were first confronted with the American phenomenon “chips”. Kiremko was founded in 1965 as part of the Kiréma trading company, which supplied equipment to snack bars and restaurants. Previously, the market for snack products was an American phenomenon, which was pretty much unknown in Europe. Kiréma quickly succeeded in conquering this new market with Kiremko. As the market continued to grow, demand for larger capacity production lines increased and Kiremko Food Processing Equipment in Montfoort was established as an independent company to achieve this goal. Kiremko Food Processing Equipment still produces food processing production lines in Montfoort, including pre-frying lines for potatoes or fries producers and machines for the vegetable processing industry. Kiremko Food Processing Equipment started in the early 1980s, in addition to its industrial line, producing frying installations for the catering entrepreneur. These products are shipped worldwide.

QBTEC Perfecta pand
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Takeover of the catering business unit by Okkerman Bedrijfsapparaten


In 1987 the catering business unit was taken over by Okkerman Bedrijfsmachines and so it happened that on January 1, 1987 Gijs and Marijke Okkerman took over the catering branch of Kiremko. A few years later they were assisted by their brother Marcel, who was (and still is) responsible for the technical development within the company. The relationship with Kiremko Foodprocessing Equipment has remained to this day. In the field of “development”, the engineers of both companies work closely together and there are also several joint projects.

In 20 years, the Okkerman family has grown Kiremko (now QBTEC) from a small modest supplier in the cafeteria industry into an internationally operating company. The company is known for the core values of quality, personal approach and product innovation. Kiremko has become a leader in innovation and market leader in the hospitality industry.

Acquisition of Smitto Apparatenfabriek


Kiremko (now QBTEC) wanted more! Fish entrepreneurs formed an attractive target group, as they also fry their products in a deep fryer. That is why in 1994 the Smitto Apparatenfabriek from Nijkerk was taken over by QBTEC.

Smitto vis frituurinstallaties
  • The three premium brands come together in Woerden

    In June 2007 the time finally came! Since then the three premium brands Kiremko, Perfecta and Smitto are produced from one location in Woerden. You would say a logical choice; a well-known production process, dedicated staff and a breeding ground of experience. Rightfully Europe's biggest producer of deep fryers. An incubator for innovation and development. Every day, an invaluable amount of experience is bundled to provide the customer with the best deep fryers in the world.

HiFri: a revolutionary development


After years of development, QBTEC enters the market with a revolutionary development: the HiFri Fryer – Frying without oil. Thanks to the HiFri (high-tech frying) technique, it is possible to fry snacks and chips using hot air and steam. There is not a drop of frying fat involved! This not only saves smells and calories, but also eliminates the expenditure for frying oil. But does such a healthy snack taste just as good? Tests prove that the snacks and fries are just as tasty and crispy as when they are deep-fried. Curious? Feel free to drop by to have a taste.

Professionele friteuse zonder frituurvet
Qook horeca grootkeuken

Expansion with Qook!


QBTEC decides to use the existing production capacity and expertise and starts producing cooking machines under the brand name Qook!. Qook!’s machines have been created by combining the craftsmanship of QBTEC, the expertise of dealers in the industry and the demands of the hospitality industry.

Exclusive distribution of Adieu


Much loved by its users, the Adieu stove is now exclusively distributed by QBTEC. Qook! has been using the Adieu stove in its cooking solutions for a long time. But the Adieu cooker is also a popular addition to the Kiremko and Perfecta frying ranges and deep-frying systems. The unique properties of this cast-iron griddle are unsurpassed. It is the only cast-iron griddle in the world on which dishes can be prepared without or with a minimum of oil. And this without sticking, burning or transferring flavour! We are proud that we can offer this cast-iron griddle exclusively.

Adieu gietijzeren bakplaat
  • Ambition to keep growing

    With a large team of dedicated employees, we work every day to make our frying ovens and catering kitchens even better and more beautiful. We are also working on new products and practical innovations. We have the ambition to continue to grow and feel privileged to be able to achieve this goal every year!

We would like to stay on top!


In recent years, we have invested a lot in an even smarter, faster and more aware device, which is able to meet the various wishes of our customers. For example, we have touchscreen controls, a remote service option, we print models in 3D and we offer our customers the opportunity to take a look at their ‘own kitchen’ in Augmented Reality.

In addition, we have expanded our machinery with a very impressive Safan Darley automated bending system and a number of press brakes. But we have not only invested in machines and departments. Our employees have followed courses and some of them are working on a personal training plan. We also work hard to increase our online visibility and are proud of the successful partnerships with UWV, UW Werken Werkt and Ferm Werk.

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