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Our innovations and product developments have been pioneering the market in Europe for over half a century, and we are proud of our reputation. Our team of experienced Technical Engineers are working daily on innovating and developing products in our R & D centre of expertise. We follow trends in regulations surrounding hygiene, safety and the environment very closely to make sure we can offer our client a professional working space that meets every standard. We offer products that are easy to clean, energy efficient and very solid. A dependable frying installation that we continue to fine-tune. We want to keep a critical eye on our products because we know you do the same.

QBTEC unrivalled quality!

For half a century QBTEC has been a pioneer in the field of frying innovation and development. Many have copied us but none have matched our products. You know your customers like nobody else and therefore, we use your experiences and input to incorporate into our products. We always strive to combine user friendliness with stylish designs. In short, this is a frying installation your business can't be without.

The frying installations made by QBTEC have the highest certified output, which makes them the most efficient. Our customers tell us that they're impressed with the amount of savings on grease and power expenses. But, the rising power and grease prices aren't the only reason people choose our products.

HR fryer (High Output)

The govenrment is stimulating manufacturers to produce equipment that is energy efficient and good for the environment. QBTEC has started doing this from the very early stages.

This is one of the reasons why QBTEC is the world leader in producing energy efficient frying installations. Kiremko didn't only want to produce equipment that is good for the environment, is energy efficient and uses less grease. No, on top of that, Kiremko wanted to combine this with a very high capacity.

Secrets of this high capacity and low grease usage include the use of heat exchangers in the fryers, which increases the heated surface. This means the fryer walls get less hot, which makes them more durable. This also extends your oil life, because you can fry at lower oil temperatures, 160 or 170 degrees Celsius. A high output fryer can produce 350, 200g servings of chips every hour.

Technique of the burners

In addition to the burner technique, the controls have been optimised. The control system is equipped with modulating burners. Furthermore, the capacity can be manually and variably adjusted which is especially useful if you prebake your chips yourself.

Also, the control system has turbo buttons and baking time programs. The wear resistant control panel is designed for better hygiene and easy usage. If you would like to see for yourself, feel free to come to our factory where we would love to do a test bake!



We are all confronted with it on a daily basis: climate change, clean energy or fossil fuels. Everybody knows Al Gore's fascinating documentary, An inconvenient Truth, about the changing climate and the role humans have in it. In business, the time has also come to be socially responsible. The number of catering businesses that have discovered the New Way of doing business is growing daily. The government is starting to buy sustainably and the fastservice entrepreneur is ready for it too. Some Environmentally Responsible changes pay off immediately. Kiremko offers the world's most environment friendly frying range which is given the Eco Care Label.

  • the lowest energy consumption, good for the environment and your wallet
  • the lowest CO2 emission in the world
  • the emission gasses of the HR fryer are clean
  • European regulations state that CO (carbon monoxide) emission can't be higher than 100 ppm
  • Our ranges have a CO emission below 2 ppm
  • New exhaust engine that uses 30% less energy

Diamond griddle

Energy efficient, very fast, tasteful design and intelligent. Our Diamond griddle is a new generation griddle that will live up to the expectation of any entrepreneur.

Because of the special diamond top coat on the griddle, burning food and transferring flavours are a thing of the past. The Diamond griddle will be integrated seamlessly into your frying- or kitchen range.

All advantaged of the Diamond griddle:

  • 50% energy savings
  • reaches a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius within 3 minutes
  • Has different zones that can be operated separately.

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