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An education company is a company where students can work internally during their education. Often, these are courses where a student must attend school one or two days a week. On remaining days, the student can intern in order to test their theoretical knowledge in practice.

There are certain standards for education companies. One of which is that there has to be an instructor present to guide the student. The practical tasks also have to correspond with the theoretical knowledge of the student.

MBO-courses are offered in two different versions:

The job-educational path (BOL): The student spends at least 20% and at most 60% of his education working at a company and gaining practical experience. This is called an internship. The job-oriented path (BBL):

The student spends at least 60% of his education working. This is called a learning job. The knowledge centres for technical education and industry are responsible for the right amount of high quality education companies. Therefore, the knowledge centres monitor all education companies and give recognition to companies that meet their quality standards.

What can you become at QBTEC?

Production staff
  • Without you, nothing gets built.
  • Without you, the fryer installation in a cafe can't be repaired.
  • You are essential for the technique!
  • You operate machines.
  • You are a welder, benchman or assembly worker.
  • Or you are a service mechanic.


You are the "inventor" within the company. You develop a new product, a new machine or new equipment, depending on the market's demand.


  • You guide a group of production staff and delegate tasks
  • You teach the profession to others and make sure that things run smoothly on the floor
  • You are the right-hand man of the workshop chief

CAD/CAM illustrator

You transform product ideas into construction drawings. These drawings are used by specialists within the company to realise the product.

And this is only a small part of the jobs available within QBTEC…

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